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EXO Clan started as a group of the best Australian Apex Legends players. The founder, Exodus, believed that underrated talent in the OCE scene deserved global recognition.

3 years and 15 championships later, EXO Clan is a household name on the global Esports stage. And this is just the start.

Now operated by Jack, Grant, Mrvn and Sineska EXO Clan is reaching heights it never thought possible. 

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EXO Jack

Jack McPoland


Starting out as CEO & Founder
of UTFT Esports, Jack has always had passion for this industry. The drive, determination and ambition now sees him leading the EXO team to new heights.

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EXO Grant

Grant Aldridge

Chief Financial Officer | Owner

Grant has been involved in esports since the start of UTFT. With a background in accountancy his financial education brings a vast wealth of experience to the top end of the team.

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EXO Kris

Kris "Exodus" Partell


Founding EXO Clan with the intent to bring talent from smaller regions to the forefront of Esports, Kris built the foundations of a future global titan. A content creator/player himself, Kris has stepped back and passed the reigns to very capable hands.

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Marvin ''MRVN'' 


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EXO Ellie
EXO Sineska

Mete ''SINESKA'' 

Apex General Manager|Owner

Sineska brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team, having previously co-founded and coached the successful Apex Legends EMEA team Element 6.
The passionate esports enthusiast is renowned for finding talents. His expertise in leadership will elevate EXO to new heights as we strive to achieve our competitive goals.

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Gabriela "Challice" Popa

Owner of EXO Scrims - Apex Legends

Challice and her passion and drive for the Apex competitive scene has grown even bigger along the years. Having played on a competitive level, Challice is providing a space for EMEA teams to practice and reach their potential.

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EXO Challice
EXO Andrew

Andrew ''Sentinel'' Rees

Head of Esports

Hi, my name is Andrew “Sentinel” Rees, I’m 22 years old and I’m the Head of Esports for EXO Clan. My role as esports manager is to Nurture and develop competitive gaming talent within the community and Manage eSports teams.

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Trent "Tripz" Zachoryj

CC & Talent Manager|Board Member

Having over 5 years of experience in Esports, Trent has worked in various roles such as team management and community work. His passion and drive is to give players and content creators the chance they deserve to make gaming a full-time career.

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EXO Tripz
EXO Rads

Radha ''Rads'' Patel

Social Media Manager

Rads has previously worked for Element 6 in social media and is now working with Irini for EXO Clan's social media.

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EXO CryLove

Niclas "CryLove" Moum

Community Manager

With a love for all things gaming, Niclas has made strides to be involved in Esports since first playing competitively. After some time, the love for the industry grew. Niclas now wants to give back to the community the same inspiration that pushed him into the role he is in today.

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EXO Irini

Irini ''Airini'' Diamanti

Social Media Manager

Irini has been working with E6 in charge of social media and is now moving over to EXO.
Airini is also the manager of @exo_ultras 

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EXO Nixn


Head of Content

Nixn previously worked with E6 in the same role. He has a passion for making content, producing and pushing creators to be the best he can be.

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